Man goes on delusional 2-day crime spree including breaking into sleeping woman’s home and sucking on her toes

A bizarre trial in California resulted in a conviction this week for 29-year-old Norwalk resident Richard Michael Parkhurst.

Among the details presented that led a court to find him guilty of counts including felony burglary, indecent exposure, and peering into an inhabited building, was his apparent delusion that he was possessed godlike powers of seduction.

According to the New York Post, the October 2017 crimes began when Parkhurst approached a woman walking her dog and exposed his genitals.

“Nice dog,” he said. “I am walking mine, too.”

In a separate incident the same day, Parkhurst entered a home and found a woman sleeping. As DNA evidenced revealed, he began sucking her toes. The victim woke up to find him in the midst of the act.

His delusional crime spree continued the following day when he looked inside a home through a mail slot on the front door and told a resident that he had a good-looking girlfriend.

Police arrested Parkhurst the same day and began fondling himself behind bars at Orange County Jail, according to a female guard’s report. He also reportedly wrote an inappropriate note to a jail guard.

In documents submitted to the court as part of the trial, his lawyer attempted to explain the thoughts that led him to commit the crimes, noting that he stopped taking schizophrenia medication following his girlfriend’s death, as reported by the Los Alamitos-Seal Beach Patch.

“Mr. Parkhurst developed a delusion that he was a Zeus-like god who was sent down from the stars to seduce women,” the defense attorney wrote. “It was his destiny to seduce women and they would willingly have his children. Mr. Parkhurst believes that his progeny will create a super race that will save the planet.”

He is expected to be sentenced in April.

[Featured image: Richard Michael Parkhurst, Seal Beach Police]