WATCH: Man violently beats his own attorney after judge hands down 47-year sentence, officials say

An Ohio man convicted of beating his girlfriend with a gun, holding her hostage and setting her apartment building on fire took out his aggression on his own attorney this week during a sentencing hearing in Cleveland.

The entire ordeal played out between David Chislton and his lawyer in graphic courtroom video footage, as reported by WKRC.

He was in the Cuyahoga County courtroom on Tuesday following his guilty plea on a range of criminal charges including unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, domestic violence, and aggravated arson, according to WKYC.

Moments after Judge Nancy Margaret Russo handed down a 47-year prison sentence, Chislton — handcuffed with his arms in front of him — appears to turn toward attorney Aaron Brockler and punch him in the head. Authorities were ultimately able to restrain Chislton and stop the attack, but not before Brockler reportedly suffered a broken nose and a severe concussion.

Presiding Judge John Russo issued a statement confirming the attack.

“What occurred in courtroom 18-C today was unfortunate, and we are thankful that Attorney Aaron Brockler was not more seriously injured,” he wrote. “We wish the best in a speedy recovery.”

The decades-long sentence came in response to a report of domestic violence at the Miles Landing apartment complex early on the morning of April 10, 2017. After investigating his threats and arson on the building’s second floor, police determined he had been having sex with his juvenile stepdaughter and killed a dog.

He will now face additional charges related to the incident in the courtroom.

[Featured image: David Chislton, screenshots]