Man returns home to find woman, two kids and a dog living in his home, wearing family’s clothes and eating his food: Cops

Authorities in South Carolina say a man found a woman and two children were staying inside his home upon arriving at the Union residence earlier this month.

According to People, Kent Foster initially suspected something was amiss when he encountered an unfamiliar dog in his yard.

Upon further inspection, he reportedly found a child car seat on his porch. Shortly thereafter, Foster said he heard a baby cry inside.

When a stranger opened the door and peered outside, he said the woman asked him what he was doing at her house.

“I said, ‘Excuse me?'” Foster recalled “I said, ‘I live here.'”

At that point, the resident said he called 911 and officers were soon dispatched to the home.

“Can I help you?” the woman allegedly asked when officers and Foster arrived at the door.

“Yeah, the first thing you can do is leave my house,” Foster reportedly replied.

The suspect, identified as Savannah Rhinehart, was reportedly clad in clothes belonging to Foster’s wife and the children were wearing those of the homeowners’ kids.

While staying at the property, the suspect allegedly allowed the clean home to become heavily soiled, including plenty of evidence that the dog had urinated on the floors.

It was unclear from available reports how long Foster had been away from the home prior to arriving to allegedly find the squatting family. Similarly, police did not immediately reveal how long they believe Rhinehart had been living there or why she picked that location.

Union Public Safety Captain Kevin Powers cited a responding officer’s report that Rhinehart “said that in her mind she thought she lived there.”

She was evaluated by medical professionals before her arrest and is expected to face criminal charges including burglary, petty larceny, and child neglect.

According to Fox News, the two kids were placed in protective custody.

[Featured image: Savannah Rhinehart, Union County Jail]