‘Live PD’: Reality TV cameras catch response to fatal shooting between neighbors, cops say

Authorities in Florida say their response to a fatal shooting was captured by television cameras rolling in the area Saturday night. The deadly incident prompted an investigation that remained ongoing as of Sunday afternoon.

According to WFLA, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office received the report of a fatal encounter between neighbors in Port Richey late last week.

Joshua Ellis, 34, was allegedly engaged in a dispute with a woman at the residence, prompting neighbor Brien Colby, 39, to exit his own home to investigate the disturbance.

According to investigators, Ellis is believed to have walked onto Colby’s property to confront his neighbor and threaten to kill him.

By this point, Colby had contacted authorities and was allegedly still on the line with dispatchers when he fired the fatal shot with a 9mm handgun.

After the shooting, Colby reportedly attempted to stop Ellis’ bleeding by applying pressure to the gunshot wound in his chest, according to WTSP. Ellis was transported to Bayonet Point Hospital a short distance away where he was pronounced dead.

As of the latest updates available, there had been no arrests made in connection to the shooting. Authorities say the case remains under investigation.

The A&E series “Live PD” follows law enforcement officers on calls across the country, and some say it has even had an impact on the way local departments handle the job, as reported by WBNS.

Franklin County, Ohio, Sheriff Dallas Baldwin said he has instructed his deputies against “playing to the camera” when film crews are in the area.

“You’re there to do a job,” Franklin County, Ohio, Sheriff Dallas Baldwin said of his deputies. “You’re paid to be in a particular area. If the camera happens to catch it, that’s fine. If it’s a slow night in your area, it’s a slow night.”

[Featured image: Pixabay]