Murder suspect was with VICTIM’S WIFE in a stolen car when 9-day manhunt ends with a crash: Cops

Authorities in Arkansas say a manhunt ended on Sunday with the arrest of a murder suspect days after the murder of Johnson County resident Christopher Farmer.

According to WTHV, sheriff’s deputies acted on a tip in tracking down 29-year-old Robert Baker. Authorities initially encountered the suspect near the area described in the report and the driver allegedly attempted to elude them in a stolen vehicle.

Following a brief vehicle pursuit ending in a crash at about 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, authorities approached the vehicle and identified its driver as their suspect.

Police say Jackie Farmer — the victim’s wife — was a passenger in the vehicle. Both occupants were reportedly arrested at the scene without any additional resistance. They were observed by paramedics at the scene and released into police custody.

Baker and Jackie Farmer were transported to Johnson County Detention Center and the vehicle was towed from the scene to a local impound lot.

A vehicle from the state Game and Fish Commission was also involved in the crash, which authorities say flipped the stolen vehicle into a ditch alongside County Road 3251.

Authorities say the car was allegedly stolen earlier that morning by someone who knows Baker and mentioned him as a likely culprit when reporting it stolen to law enforcement at about 7:15 a.m., as reported by KHBS.

Christopher Farmer was fatally shot on February 15, prompting an investigation that remained ongoing as of the latest update available.

In addition to charges against Baker related to that incident, it was unclear from initial reports what additional charges might be coming for the pair.

“Over the past nine days, these agencies and our office have worked tirelessly around the clock to gather intel, follow up on leads, and search areas for Robert Baker,” the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department wrote Sunday in a Facebook post. “Today‚Äôs apprehension of Robert Baker serves as a testament to local, state, and federal agencies working together with a single common objective to return a sense of security to the communities we call home. We would also like to extend a special thank you to all the citizens that have remained vigilant over the course of the past nine days and whom have reached out to our office with information that has helped lead to the apprehension of these individuals.”

[Featured image: Robert Baker and Jackie Farmer, Johnson County Sheriff’s Office]