Man pistol-whips his ex for warning his new girlfriend about his criminal past: Cops

Authorities in Texas say a man was arrested on suspicion of beating a former romantic partner with a handgun because he believed she told his current girlfriend about his criminal rap sheet.

According to Fox News, 26-year-old Kenneth Mann, of San Antonio, was arrested on Saturday — more than three months after the alleged attack.

Mann was allegedly driving his car in the area when he asked the woman to get in and they traveled to an area in the rear of the apartment complex, as reported by KSAT.

The suspect’s ex reportedly contacted law enforcement to report that he came to her apartment building on November 11 and entered her residence with a gun.

She said he expressed anger that she had contacted his current girlfriend to inform her of his criminal past.

After allegedly pistol-whipping his ex-girlfriend with the weapon he brought to the scene, police believe Mann went into her residence and stole a handgun and air rifle belonging to her current boyfriend.

Reports claim he told the victim that “she owes him for causing problems with his new girlfriend” related to the conversation about his criminal record. He allegedly hit her in the head with the firearm after becoming increasingly upset during the argument.

Court documents show he faced a criminal charge of assault causing bodily injury related to an arrest in October 2015.

Mann was arrested last week and jailed with bail set at $57,000. He is expected to face criminal charges including a second-degree felony count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

[Featured image: Kenneth Mann, Bexar County Jail]