Mom claims killer ‘Momo’ character tried to ‘befriend’ 6-year-old girl watching Peppa Pig on YouTube Kids: Report

A mother in New Orleans says her six-year-old daughter encountered the terrifying “Momo” app believed to be connected to multiple youth suicides all over the world. The “Momo Challenge” is widely believed to be a suicide “game” that entices its users to harm themselves following a series of increasingly disturbing tasks.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Bre-Andria Roussell’s mother Brittany Roussell posted on Facebook that her daughter had encountered the terrifying Momo avatar while watching a popular Peppa Pig video on YouTube Kids.

In a conversation with her mother the elder Roussell shared via a video Facebook post, the 6-year-old girl explains Momo to her mother, and seems to know that the app is to be avoided.

“When you call her she’s going to hang up – and then it can start getting freaky … She will say: ‘Yes, we can be best friends.”

“But when you come to her house, when she sends you the address, she’s gonna actually kill you,” the girl says in the video. “She could be in your dreams or she could kill you.”

Recently, a mother in Scotland claimed that her young son had also encountered the Momo avatar on YouTube despite the presence of parental controls, and that the creepy character tried to convince the boy to knife himself in the neck.

As reported by Vox, YouTube has been the focus of numerous child safety concerns and appears to be losing advertisers as a result.