Mother in shock when her murdered son’s attacker walks free after jail snafu…then vanishes

Days before Christopher Dickerson disappeared from his Adrian, Michigan, home in January, he sent a photo to his mother showing injuries from being jumped. Tracena Dickerson feared her 27-year-old son’s disappearance was related to his testimony against a man who was charged with trying to kill him last year. Dickerson’s body was found in a wooded area in rural Michigan on February 22, 2019, the apparent victim of a fatal stabbing.

His mom is now convinced there is a connection, considering the defendant in the attempted murder case had been quietly released from jail near the time her son vanished. She discusses her son’s murder with Nancy Grace in this episode. They are joined by a panel of experts including former detective Steven Lampley, North Carolina family & divorce lawyer Kathleen Murphy, and psychologist Caryn Stark.

Dickerson was visiting the Adrian home of Tabitha Rose Whiteeagle, 26, on May 1, 2018, when the father of her child, Andrew Erin Cecil, 27, allegedly burst into the home through a window and stabbed Dickerson in his back. Cecil was then charged with home invasion and attempted murder. Whiteeagle was also arrested for lying to a peace officer during a violent crime investigation, a charge she pleaded guilty to. Cecil was held in jail pending a $1 million bond until January when he was quietly released from jail. His trial was set for January 29, 2019, but it was delayed by a winter storm.

Andrew Erin Cecil, Andrew Erin Cecil

A local report quotes investigators as saying the May 2018 attack was triggered by a jealous rage. Cecil’s mugshot reveals his neck has a tattoo that reads “Tabitha.”

Tracena Dickerson is calling for detectives to question Cecil about her son’s death. The Lewanee Couty Sheriff’s Department declined to comment to Crime Stories.

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Featured Image: Christopher Dickerson, GoFundMe/Family