Teacher sleeps with teen student in her classroom as another boy student watched: Cops

An Arizona teacher facing criminal charges related to an alleged sexual affair with a then-13-year-old boy began with a text message on a school-sanctioned smartphone app, according to reports.

As the Arizona Republic reported, 28-year-old Brittany Zamora solicited messages from her students on the Class Craft app, telling them she would be bored while at Las Brisas Academy and would read their texts.

Authorities say the alleged victim’s message caught her attention and soon spiraled into flirtatious texts and a sexual relationship. Zamora was 27 at the time the alleged criminal activity began.

Zamora and the teen allegedly engaged in sexual activity in her car and in the classroom.

Police reports claim a male student was in the class during one of the episodes. During another, multiple students were allegedly watching a video as Zamora and the student inappropriately touched each other.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, evidence suggests the principal was aware of rumors that the teacher and student were “dating” weeks before she was arrested nearly a year ago.

Superintendent Richard Rundhaug confirmed the district investigated and “determined there were some elements of favoritism, and we gave the teacher some very specific direction on not allowing that favoritism to continue, and then we monitored to make sure those directions were followed.”

Law enforcement became involved in March after the boy’s parents found messages to and from Zamora on his cellphone.

When his parents became suspicious, they allegedly instructed him to correspond with Zamora as they observed.

“Hey bby,” he reportedly wrote to start the conversation. “Thinking about your sexy self.”

“Awww baby,” the teacher allegedly responded. “I wish you were here with me.”

Zamora’s husband, Daniel, reportedly spoke to the boy’s father in an effort to avoid going through law enforcement.

“This whole situation is crazy,” Daniel Zamora reportedly said during that conversation. “I’ve never heard of anything like this in my entire life. I understand as a parent you have to be livid and hurt. As a husband, I am distraught. I’m hurt.”

Documents cited by the Republic included testimony from the alleged victim and the other male student reportedly in the room during one sexual encounter.

“It’s just crazy,” the boy said of his alleged relationship with Zamora. “She’s not a good person.”

The other student said the teacher and student “were just doing it” in front of him.

“It was very uncomfortable,” the boy said.

Zamora is expected to face criminal charges including sexual molestation of a child, furnishing harmful material and sexual conduct with a minor.

[Featured image: Brittany Zamora, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office]