WATCH: Man douses neighbor’s home in fuel and lights a flame after claiming he saw a ghost, cops say

Authorities in California say a man caught on camera apparently dousing a neighbor’s home in fuel and setting in on fire was motivated to act in response to a belief that there was a ghost on the property.

According to WLS, video from the alleged victim’s front porch appears to show the suspect, 38-year-old Cuong Pham, pouring diesel on the door and surrounding area before attempting to spark a flame.

The ignition fizzled out, however, and the property — along with a woman and two kids inside — remained safe.

According to reports, the homeowner spoke to the suspect at the scene. Pham reportedly lives across the street from the Stockton home.

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“They arrested him,” the unidentified resident said. “He said that he didn’t have anything against us, that he thought he saw a ghost in our house and to me that’s just even scarier.”

Police arrived a short time later and took the suspect into custody. He is expected to face criminal charges including arson and attempted murder.”

The resident said she did not know there had been any disturbance at the residence until she checked the surveillance footage about two hours later, as reported by SF Gate.

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[Featured image: video screenshot]