[VIDEO] Man robs liquor store, makes off with cigarettes and booze while dressed as Spider-Man: Cops

Authorities in Florida say a man was arrested on suspicion of robbing a liquor store in Casselberry last month.

According to WLS, Edward Wilburn is accused of entering the Winn Dixie Wine and Spirits Store on January 2 clad in a Spider-Man mask.

Investigators believe he is the man seen attempting to enter the store earlier in the day without a mask only to return a short time later wearing a getup inspired by Marvel Comics.

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Donning the superhero disguise, a figure is caught on surveillance camera breaking into the establishment and making off with merchandise. Police say he made off with about $420 in Newport cigarettes and another $150 in alcoholic beverages.

A statement from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office indicated Wilburn was arrested earlier this year in connection with the robbery. He is described as a repeat offender, though additional details regarding his criminal history were not immediately available.

“There’s a line in the Spiderman theme song, he ‘Catches thieves, just like flies,'” wrote the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in a Facebook post this week. “In this commercial burglary video you’ll see Spiderman himself is the thief, who managed to get himself caught, by appearing on surveillance footage UNMASKED.”

Wilburn is expected to face criminal charges including burglary of an unoccupied structure, grand theft, and commission of a third-degree felony while wearing a mask, according to WFXT.

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[Featured image: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office]