‘I’m going to kill you’: Angry woman attacks ex’s girlfriend with stun gun, gets a beat down in return [Cops]

Authorities found two bloodied women fighting in a South Carolina driveway last week, leading to the arrest of the one of the women, who allegedly attacked the other with a stun gun.

NBC 4 reports that officers arrived to a home off of Boundary Drive in Spartanburg on Tuesday, where they found two women covered in blood. An unnamed woman told police that 21-year-old Savanna Grace White attacked her with a stun gun, leading to a violent fight between the two. Authorities located a stun gun in the driveway.

The woman explained that she called 911 after White showed up to her home uninvited. The woman said she closed her gate to keep White out, but White forced her way in, pulled out a stun gun and attacked her. The woman managed to get the stun gun away from White, then pinned her down until police arrived.

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During the 911 call, White was heard yelling, “I’m going to kill you,” according to police.

The victim said she went to the sheriff’s office earlier in the day to obtain a restraining order against White after constant threats and harassment. The victim explained that White was her boyfriend’s ex and the mother of his child. The victim’s father-in-law reportedly backed up her story.

White apparently accused the other woman of abusing her child. Authorities haven’t confirmed yet whether the allegations are true.

Since White drove to the victim’s home, she was considered the aggressor in the incident. White said she went to the woman’s home to confront her about alleged child abuse. She said she brought a stun gun for protection. White left her baby in her car while she fought the other woman, according to police.

Police took White to the Spartanburg Memorial Hospital for medical treatment after she sustained numerous face injuries. She was then arrested for assault and taken to the Spartanburg jail.

A family member arrived to the scene and took the child from the car.

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[Feature Photo: Savanna Grace White/Spartanburg County Detention Center]