Stalker sends tow trucks, plumbers, prostitutes & more to family’s home, in one of the worst stalking cases police have seen: Report

Services providers, sometimes around 20 per day, have arrived to a Utah man’s home over the past seven months. Some wanted to tow his car, others came to trim his trees or offer illegal services, but he never asked for any of these services. Police say the man is a victim of extreme stalking.

“Electricians, plumbers, people wanting to trim my trees. Tow trucks are the biggest concern to us,” Walt Gilmore, of North Salt Lake, told Desert News. “I’d have up to 20 people per day coming to my home offering services and telling me that I asked them to come.”

According to Gilmore, the unwanted service providers have been showing up to his home at all hours, from early morning to late night. He said some of the people were felons with active warrants.

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“They have police records. Criminals. Felons. Active warrants for their arrests coming to my home. They’re looking for drugs. They’re offering prostitution. And it’s pretty concerning to me, my family, and my entire neighborhood that these folks are there.”

Sgt. Mitch Gwilliam with the North Salt Lake police told the outlet that he’s never seen stalking on this level before, referring to it as “stalking on steroids.” Although Gwilliam couldn’t offer much information during an active investigation, he stated the stalker uses “spoofing text messages” to send service providers to Gilmore’s residence, which has made it difficult to track him.

Gilmore thinks the person responsible is a man who he filed a civil stalking injunction against. The man lives in Hawaii, according to Desert News, but apparently ignores the injunction. Gilmore added that someone in his family knew the person but dropped contact with him, which may have the man him off.

“This individual doesn’t work. This is all he does,” Gilmore said. “This is a stalking. This is an ultimate stalking issue. We know who the fellow is. A family member knows him but does not have any further interaction with this individual.”

Little else has been shared about the alleged stalker, as police continue to build a possible case against him. In the meantime, more than $20,000 in hours and service fees have been lost due to the service calls, according to police.

Spies have also been spotted at Gilmore’s home, peering through his windows late at night, taking photos, and sitting in vehicles in front of his house, police said. A police officer now watches over the home, hoping to collect enough evidence to obtain an arrest warrant against the stalker.

In the meantime, Gilmore placed a large yellow “Alert” sign in his front yard, warning service providers who show up that they’ve been pranked. He added that when he needs services, he calls people he already has an established relationship with.

“This is very threatening. And it’s not only threatening to my family but my entire neighborhood,” Gilmore said.

The story continues to develop. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

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[Feature Photo: Pixabay]