Tot escape! FOUR 1-year-old tots escape from daycare, found wandering without supervision close to highway: Report

Four toddlers were found wandering alone near a highway in Louisiana last month, prompting the Louisiana Department of Education to revoke the center’s license.

FOX 44 reports that four 1-year-old toddlers managed to toddle their way out of the Color Wheel Learning Center playground on March 22. The band of toddlers were found close LA Highway 44 in Prairieville, and returned to the daycare safely. Employees had no explanation on how the children got out of the playground area.

The incident marks the second time children escaped from the center’s play area. In October 2018, a 1-year-old toddler opened the playground gate and roamed around until an employee who happened to be in the parking lot at the time noticed.

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“We are thankful these young children are safe,” state Education Superintendent John White said, according to The Advocate, “but we cannot ignore the recurring negligence displayed by this center.”

Color Wheel has 15 days to appeal the license revocation. During this time, the daycare will remain open unless the Department of Education decides otherwise. If the daycare fails to appeal, it will be closed and ineligible to apply for licensing again for at least two years.

The daycare supervisor reportedly called police when a FOX 44 reporter arrived to the center to for comments, after slamming the door in the reporter’s face.

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[Feature Photo: Pixabay]