‘Emotionless’ killer dad had gained custody of murdered daughter because of mom’s marijuana use; beat 5-year-old girl to death because she didn’t want to do homework HE had assigned: Report

The suspect waited several hours to call 911 about his mortally injured daughter — and allegedly lied to police about her condition

The father accused of beating his 5-year-old daughter to death because she didn’t want to do her homework was reportedly homeschooling her, and had assigned the little girl the work that led to her fatal beating with a shoe.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Brandon Reynolds of Albuquerque was charged with child abuse resulting in death after he reportedly admitted to beating the 5-year-old girl because she didn’t want to do her homework. According to local reports, the suspect claimed his daughter was suffering from cardiac arrest when he called 911 around 1 a.m. Friday morning, but first responders noticed blood on a carpet in his home and numerous bruises on the girl’s body that looked as though they were made by the bottom of a shoe.

The Albuquerque Journal has identified the girl as Sarah Dubois-Gilbeau, who died at a local hospital following the 911 call. The newspaper obtained a criminal complaint showing that when firefighter paramedics arrived to the scene, the father was “emotionless” despite the fact that his daughter was unresponsive, and did not have a pulse.

And KOAT reports that Reynolds waited several hours to get emergency medical help for his daughter — he called 911 at 1 a.m. to report that the girl was in cardiac arrest, which appears to be untrue, but according to his later confession he began hitting the girl around 8 p.m. the night before. As CrimeOnline previously reported, Reynolds told police he “blacked out” while spanking the girl.

According to court records obtained by the Albuquerque Journal, Reynolds was given sole custody of the girl because of her mother’s alleged drug use: Sarah reportedly tested positive for THC at birth, and her mother, Chantel Smith, allegedly breast-fed her while Chantel had THC in her system. It is unclear from the report if Reynold had full custody of the girl for her entire life, or if he at any point shared with it her mother. It appears that Smith attempted to gain custody of the girl; and court records obtained by the news outlet show that she claimed Reynolds had PTSD and a history of abandoning her, which her lawyer argued could extend to abandoning the child.

Neighbors told the Albuquerque Journal that Reynolds had begun homeschooling his daughter and described him as “very strict.” According to the report, the suspect allegedly beat the girl after she refused to do homework he had assigned her.

“This is definitely a heartbreaking tragedy and our officers and detectives are working diligently at this time to get justice for this little girl,” Albuquerque Police Chief Michael Geir told ABC News.