MONDAY CRIME STORIES: ‘Everyone was suspect. And I suspected everyone’: Karina Vetrano’s dad reveals heartbreak

Hear Nancy’s emotional interview with Karina’s father, Phil.

Karina Vetrano was sexually assaulted and murdered while out for a jog in Queens, New York in August 2016. Her killer, Chanel Lewis, was finally convicted last week less than four months after the jury deadlocked at his first trial.

In a special episode of “Crime Stories,” Nancy Grace is joined by Karina’s father Phil Vetrano, who talks about knowing in his heart that something was wrong that evening when Karina went for her regular run and didn’t return home as expected.

“I started to get a bad feeling and I went out looking for her,” Phil says, explaining that he felt his daughter led him to her body in a discovery that is every parent’s worst nightmare.

And Vetrano’s grief was compounded during the six months it took for police to identify the man who has been convicted of killing Karina.

“Everyone was suspect. Every family member was suspect Every friend. Every acquaintance. Every co-worker,” Phil says.

“I was suspect. My son was suspect. Every male was suspect. And I suspected EVERYONE.”

Hear Phil Vetrano talk candidly with Nancy Grace:

Our panel of experts are also on the case:

Joseph Scott Morgan, forensics expert and author of “Blood Beneath My Feet”

Kenya Johnson, Atlanta prosecutor

Dr. Brian Russell, psychologist, lawyer and host of Investigation Discovery’s “Fatal Vows”

David Mack, Syndicated Radio Host