‘I’m scared’: Couple missing 2 weeks after they were set to return from Caribbean vacation

The couple checked out of their hotel, but their rental car is missing – and they never made their flight back to the U.S.

A New York couple has vanished while on vacation the Dominican Republic and worried relatives are desperately seeking answers.

The New York Daily News reports that Mount Vernon resident Orlando Moore and girlfriend Portia Ravenelle had traveled in late March to the Caribbean for a four-day break and were set to return on March 27. But the couple never boarded their flight back to the U.S. or returned their rental car, relatives said.

Moore’s sister Lashay Turner told NBC News that her family contacted the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic and filed a police report after authorities overseas said the couple did not depart the country as scheduled.

“We’ve been calling DR and they said they didn’t make their flight,” Turner told the news station. “We also spoke to someone in U.S. Customs and they said my brother did not make his flight back here.”

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Turner also said that her brother and his girlfriend did check out of their hotel in Samana, but did not return their rental car, which has not been located. The car the couple drove to the airport in Newark is reportedly still in a parking garage there.

“This is definitely not my brother,” Turner told NBC News. “He’s not going to run off on a hiatus and don’t tell his family and his daughter. I’m scared, I don’t know what’s going on.”

The couple is believed to have shared a photo of themselves riding horses in the Dominican Republic on social media at some point during the vacation. Outside of that, what happened during their trip remains largely a mystery — as authorities have not shared any information about a possible investigation.

NBC News reports that U.S. Customs and Border Protection declined to comment on the status of the couple, citing privacy concerns.

On social media, relatives appear to be circulating the last known photo of the couple, seeking clues about Moore and Ravenelle’s whereabouts.


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ORLANDO MOORE PLEASE SHARE AND HELP ME AND MY FAMILY FIND MY COUSIN AND HIS GIRLFRIEND🙏 Orlando Moore went missing on March 26, 2019. He and her girlfriend, Portia Ravenelle were staying at the Grand Bahia Principe in Cayacoa, Samana. They were driving a white Kia Picanto. We are in contact with the rental company trying to get additional information. The two missing people were set to get on a place in the night hours of March 26. However, records show they never got on the plane and the car they rented was never returned. Both their cellphones are being redirected to voicemail. Anyone with information on the disappearance of Orlando Moore and his Portia Ravenelle should inform local police. Someone also said: ” Last seen wearing a pink and white shirt on the woman i also heard they where at a local bar.”

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According to an Instagram post made by someone identifying as Moore’s cousin, Ravenelle was last seen wearing a pink and white shirt, and the couple is said to have visited a local bar on the trip – but no further specifics were provided.

“When these things happen, you always think of the worst, but we are hoping for the best,” Moore’s grandmother Edith Walters told NBC News.

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[Feature image: Orlando Moore and Portia Ravenelle/Instagram]