‘Cops pulled me from my daughter’s FUNERAL for DNA test’: Karina Vetrano dad reveals new details about his daughter’s brutal murder, Part 2

Karina Vetrano was sexually assaulted and murdered while out for a jog in Queens, New York. Her killer, Chanel Lewis, finally convicted less than four months after the jury deadlocked at his first trial.

Karina’s parents, Phil and Cathy, tell some emotional stories from the case that have never been heard before.

In part two of an episode dedicated to the conviction of Karina’s killer, Phil Vetrano tells Nancy that a bad feeling came over him that August 2016 evening that his daughter went out for a run — only 20 minutes after she had left their Howard Beach home for a nearby park where she went for her regular jog.

He said he tried calling his daughter, and went looking for her when she didn’t answer her phone. And in that park adjacent to their Howard Beach neighborhood, Phil found his daughter’s body.

“I just walked into the woods and I found her. She needed me, she needed her father to find her.”

It would be six months before police apprehended a suspect in Karina’s brutal murder. During that time, everyone who knew the young woman was under suspicion — including those who were closest to her.

“They took my DNA at my daughter’s funeral,” Phil Vetrano told Nancy. “Two detectives approached me at the funeral and said we would like to take a swab from you.

“‘You take whatever you need, I told them. ‘If you need my right arm, take my right arm.'”


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Our panel of experts also weigh in:

Joseph Scott Morgan, forensics expert and author of “Blood Beneath My Feet”

Kenya Johnson, Atlanta prosecutor

Dr. Brian Russell, psychologist, lawyer and host of Investigation Discovery’s “Fatal Vows”

Dr. Michelle Dupre, South Carolina medical examiner and author of “Homicide Investigation Field Guide”

Dr. Bethany Marshall, Los Angeles psycho analyst

Karen Smith, forensics expert

Ashley Willcott, Atlanta juvenile judge and lawyer

Dave Mack sydicated radio host