MANHUNT: Man allegedly kills two women, critically injures young girl and flees; posts apparent confession on Facebook

Authorities in Florida are searching for a suspect following a shooting that left two women dead and a young girl on life support.

According to WFLA, 38-year-old Ernst Cherizard is the suspect behind the violent crime Friday evening at an apartment complex in Haines City.

Authorities responded to the scene and found 23-year-old Eli Junia Normil and her aunt, 48-year-old Nicole Guillume dead of gunshot wounds and 6-year-old Elizabelle Frenel seriously injured.

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Police believe Cherizard shot Normil and Frenel first, killing Guillume when she came to the apartment and confronted him about her niece.

Cherizard and Normil were a couple with two children, according to police, but the injured girl was not his daughter.

Investigators believe he left the scene in a 2011 Nissan Altima with Florida license plate GZNC82. The burgundy car was seen early Saturday morning in Boyton Beach. Police say he should be considered armed and dangerous and urge anyone with a tip about where his whereabouts to contact the Haines City Police Department or leave an anonymous tip via Heartland Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-226-8477.

Reports indicate he left an ominous post on his Facebook account before fleeing.

Before I turn myself in or kill myself there’s no words I can say to ease ya pain today supposed to be a great day for me really I didn’t see my 5 year old daughter since June 23rd 2015 that kills me inside I lost my mother n can’t see my daughter I didn’t know how to cope that but I finally get a txt to see my daughter today pick her up that’s why this shit happen my girl wasn’t to happy bout me talking to my ex baby mama to see my kids idk what happen all I know is we was fighting for the gun then I lost it it’s almost like I was hearing voices in my head I love them I deserve the worst that’s coming for me nothing less and one thing plz Guys don’t keep no guns at your home man fr I we had 2 guns one for one for me n now look what happen I fuck my life up and the one I truly love and care bout I don’t think my kids deserve this at all they won’t know their mom this is pure evil and I’m not a evil person at All sorry guys I took a great person live from you guys now it’s time for me to pay for what I’ve done… to my kids ABIGAIL,MIA,ERNEST JR. And ERNESTINA C. Daddy is so sorry with all my heart I can’t even explain what happened cuz I can’t believe this happened

Police Chief Jim Elensky warned that even though he expressed remorse for his actions, “this man is a monster” and “a coward” for the crimes he is alleged to have committed.

“To shoot a truly innocent 6-year-old child is disgusting and beyond comprehension,” he said. “Moreover, he shot the child at least three times, once being in the head. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and the first responders who did everything they could at the scene. They also must live with this tragedy.”

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[Featured image: Elizabelle Frenel, Eli Junia Normil and Nicole Guillume/Haines City Police Department]