Mayor pulls gun on 15-year-old boy over fight with son, points gun at girls nearby and makes them drop their phones: Cops

A small-town Pennsylvania mayor is facing criminal charges after allegedly brandishing a gun and pointing it at a juvenile he believed had been in a fight with his son.

According to WPXI, Derry Borough Mayor Kevin Gross was armed with a revolver when he arrived at a local park on Sunday evening prior to the alleged confrontation.

Police say he ordered the 15-year-old victim to get down on his knees, pointing his firearm directly at the boy. Reports indicate two other boys were also at the scene at the same time.

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In addition to the boy, police also accuse Gross of pointing his gun at a group of three girls, ordering them to place their phones on a nearby bench and preventing them from contacting their parents.

Witnesses at the park reportedly stepped in before police officers arrived a short time later. Paul Luna said he and others “wanted to keep everything calm,” describing Gross as “pumped up a little bit.”

One nearby resident said her mayor’s actions have made her think twice before visiting the park.

“Now I’m kind of worried,” Aneesa Martinez said. “I don’t want my kids playing over there anymore, especially knowing that the mayor lives up the street. You don’t know his mindset, bringing a gun toward a kid.”

Gross is expected to face charges including aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment, and harassment. Police reports indicate he surrendered to authorities and acknowledged he pointed the gun at the teen boy. He was booked into the Westmoreland County Prison.

The mayor will remain in his position unless he resigns or the governor removes him.

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[Featured image: Kevin Gross, Westmoreland County/handout]