TUESDAY CRIME STORIES: ‘Beloved’ pediatrician BUSTED molests dozens of child patients for years, plus KILLER hockey dad

A Pennsylvania pediatrician is sentenced to at least 79 years in prison for sexually assaulting 31 children. Most were patients, and some while the parents were in the room.

Also, police say DNA cracks a cold case. A Minnesota ‘hockey dad’ is charged with murdering a woman 26 years ago. His DNA was traced on a genealogy website.

Nancy’s expert panel:

Nima Haddadi, former Los Angeles prosecutor

Dr. Wendy Dickinson, Atlanta psychologist, founder of Grow Counseling

Steven Lampley, former detective

Kathleen Murphy, North Carolina family & divorce lawyer

Robyn Walensky, Crime Stories investigative reporter, author of “Beautiful Life?: The CSI Behind the Casey Anthony Trial & My Observations”

Sheryl McCollum, Cold Case Research Institute director

Joseph Scott Morgan, forensics expert, author of “Blood Beneath My Feet”

Dr. Bethany Marshall, Los Angeles psycho analyst

Nicole DeBorde, Former Prosecutor/Criminal Defense lawyer