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Officer hospitalized, teacher ‘trampled’ and 10 students arrested in orchestrated food fight: Cops

One school resource office went to the hospital and a teacher sustained injuries as part of a food fight at a high school in Connecticut this week, police say.

According to Fox News, the incident took place on Friday at Westhill High School following promotion on social media by the students who planned the massive disruption.

Officials urge parents to look at this incident as a reminder to pay close attention to their children’s communications online.

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As the Stamford Police Department asserted in a news release, “hundreds of students” were involved in the resulting melee and 10 participants were arrested. Expected charges “range from Riot in the 1st degree, Breach of Peace to Reckless Endangerment and Assault on a Police Officer,” the agency explained.

An officer working at the school was reportedly hit in the head with a full can of soda, an injury that required his hospitalization. A teacher was reportedly “trampled by a mass of students.”

There were “a few skirmishes” among those behind the food fight, with “many throwing eggs, water and soda cans.”

Police reiterated that “the citizens, parents, teachers and vast majority of the students do not condone” the activities of those responsible for the incident.

“This is not the learning environment we expect and demand for our children in this city,” the police statement continued.

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