SEE IT: Coachella Woman tosses bag of newborn puppies in sweltering desert DUMPSTER [VIDEO]

Authorities are reportedly preparing to arrest a woman who was caught on camera tossing a little of new puppies in a dumpster at the Coachella music festival in California.

TMZ obtained video of the woman nonchalantly getting out of her jeep and tossing a bag into a dumpster. According to the report, there were seven three-day old puppies in the bag — while temperatures outside were in the nineties, meaning the dumpster was likely swelteringly hot.

According to the report, a Good Samaritan looking through the dumpster later found the puppies, who were barely clinging to life. They miraculously all survived and were taken to a nearby shelter.

Law enforcement sources told the news outlet they have identified the woman in the video and that she will soon be arrested.