Tuesday Crime Stories: Police follow trail of blood, find gorgeous mom bludgeoned dead with office tape gun

David Dooley was convicted of murder and tampering with evidence in the 2012 death of Kentucky woman, Michelle Mockbee, killed in her office at work, at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Florence. He stood trial for the murder a second time. Was he convicted, or did he get to walk free?

Nancy and her panel of experts weigh in on the case, which include:

– Joseph Scott Morgan, forensics expert, author of “Blood Beneath My Feet”

-Dr. Bethany Marshall, Los Angeles psycho analyst

-Ashley Willcott, Atlanta juvenile judge & lawyer

-Robyn Walensky, Crime Stories reporter, author of “Beautiful Life?: The CSI Behind the Casey Anthony Trial & My Observations”

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[Feature Photo: Michelle Mockbee/Handout]