Woman dies after being ‘pulled into’ meat grinder at factory job: Report

A gruesome workplace accident claimed the life of a Pennsylvania factor worker who died of massive trauma after landing in a meat grinder at the facility.

PennLive reports that Jill Greninger, 35, was killed on Monday after she ended up in a meat grinder at the Economy Locker Storage Co. in Pennsdale. According to the report, Greninger “fell or was pulled into” the grinder as she was operating the machinery.

Lycoming County Coroner Charles E. Kiessling Jr. told the news outlet that Greninger was killed instantly, and that there were no witnesses to the accident. Greninger was reportedly standing on stairs as she operated the meat grinder, and it is not known if she fell in or if she was pulled in after a piece of her clothing got caught on the machine.

A co-worker was reportedly alerted by an unusual sound coming from the meat grinder, and went to the work station to find the grisly scene.

Greninger reportedly worked at the facility for more than four years. The Occupation Health and Safety Administration is investigating the incident, according to PennLive.

A Facebook profile appearing to belong to Greninger lists her employer as Economy Locker and says she is a native of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

[Feature image: Facebook]