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Man violently rapes 88-year-old neighbor his family lovingly called ‘granny,’ Life Alert necklace helped save her life: Cops

Authorities in New York say a 24-year-old man was arrested this week on suspicion of brutally raping his elderly neighbor.

According to the New York Post, 24-year-old Selwyn Worrell is accused of tying up the 88-year-old woman after she invited him into her home.

Investigators believe he punched her, choked her and dragged her into the basement of the residence before raping her and leaving her on the floor still bound with electric cords.

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The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon, police reports show. Worrell allegedly asked the victim if he could cut through her home as a shortcut to where he was heading.

Police say the woman was wearing an emergency necklace and was able to summon emergency personnel shortly after her attacker fled the scene.

As the suspect’s family later explained, Worrell returned home and showed signs of distress.

His brother said they “knew something was wrong” when he came in the home, adding that the suspect has special needs.

Gregory Damien-Worrell identified the suspect as his nephew, according to WABC.

“People with mental disorders need help,” he told reporters. “I’m not saying it’s right for anything to happen to anybody in any way. He’s my nephew. I love my nephew. I beg, I plead. He’s my nephew, and I know he needs help.”

He said Worrell was undergoing a psychiatric exam at a nearby medical facility.

“So my father and my sisters chased him down and they grabbed him,” Worrell’s brother said. “They got him and they brought him back.”

The suspect’s brother described the victim as a longtime neighbor.

“That’s granny,” he said. “We have mad love for granny.”

The victim’s daughter spoke to reporters, saying her mother’s “spirits are good” and they are thankful she survived the attack.

“I’m just glad for that and I’m glad that she had the Life Alert,” she added. “I just thank God that her life was spared. That’s more important to me than anything right now.”

Court records show the suspect’s rap sheet includes a 2015 conviction for attempted burglary. He is expected to face criminal charges including rape, sexually motivated assault, and burglary in connection with Wednesday’s incident.

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