‘We don’t care’: R. Kelly sex abuse accuser wins judgment after he ignores lawsuit

A woman who accused R. Kelly of sexually abusing her when she was a teenager has won a judgment in a lawsuit she filed against him after Kelly’s legal team ignored the suit.

The New York Times reports that a judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff, Heather Williams, after Kelly failed to respond to the lawsuit or make plans to appear in court. Williams has accused Kelly of sexually abusing her in the 1990s, claiming that she and Kelly had sex about once a month for a year when she was underage.

Williams’ attorney told the New York Times that a Chicago judge granted her request for a default judgment this week, and will schedule another hearing next month to determine how much Kelly will pay Williams, if he continues to ignore the lawsuit.

“My client wants to be paid as a result of the terrible treatment she went through as a minor,” Deutschman said in an interview with the newspaper. “All I’m able to do for her is get her money.”

Williams is one of four women who have accused Kelly of sexual abuse, with three of them claiming the abuse took place when they were minors. According to the New York Times, Williams sued Kelly in February, when he was also indicted on multiple charges of aggravated sexual abuse based on the allegations.

Kelly’s civil litigation attorney Brian Nix did not respond to a request for comment but the Chicago Sun Times, but Kelly’s publicist Darrell Johnson gave a brief statement.

“We don’t care about the lawsuit,” Johnson told the Sun Times.  “The lawsuit means nothing to us.”


[Feature image:  AP Photo/Matt Marton]