Man high on meth locks girlfriend in bedroom, destroys mattress convinced a man is hiding inside: Cops

Authorities in Florida say a 37-year-old man was high on methamphetamine when he attacked his girlfriend’s mattress with a bedpost and held her against her will in response to her perceived infidelity.

According to the Pensacola News Journal, Felipe Oquendo was arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment and possession of drug paraphernalia in connection with the incident early Friday morning in Fort Walton Beach.

The suspect allegedly became unhinged after smoking meth and arriving at a residence on Willow Bend Boulevard. Investigators believe Oquendo accused his girlfriend of being unfaithful, suggesting she was keeping a man inside her mattress.

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After cutting the mattress, he allegedly ripped it apart in an effort to prove his theory.

Authorities arrived at the location as the display was still ongoing, according to reports, but he was able to temporarily escape on foot.

Officers caught up with the suspect and he reportedly said he felt the mattress move and attempted to enlist his girlfriend to help him investigate before cutting it open.

Oquendo also reportedly acknowledged that he had used meth earlier that day. Officers reported that he was in possession of a glass pipe used to smoke narcotics.

Reports indicate the alleged victim said he locked her inside a bedroom — an allegation Oquendo denied — but that she was able to sneak away during his attack on the mattress.

The suspect had been booked into Okaloosa County Jail, where he remained as of the latest updates available.

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[Featured image: Felipe Oquendo, Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office]