TUESDAY CRIME STORIES: US banker takes family on Anguilla vacation, charged with felony after struggle with hotel maintenance man who enters family hotel room

Gavin “Scott” Hapgood, is charged with manslaughter while on vacation in Anguilla. He claims a maintenance worker came to his hotel room, threatened his family and demanded money. He says a struggle led to the death of Kenny Mitchel.

And…The latest twist and turns in the Jussie Smollett Case, including Kim Foxx subpoenaed.

Nancy’s expert panel weighs in:

Wendy Patrick: Trial Attorney & author of “Red Flags”

Bobby Chacon: Retired FBI special agent

Dr. William July: Psychologist

Dr. Kris Sperry: Retired Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Georgia

John Lemley: Crime Stories investigative reporter

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Featured Image: jaegeranna1 from Pixabay