[UPDATE] Mother, father and grandmother charged in connection with newborn boy left in bag near garbage can: Reports

Authorities in Illinois have announced criminal charges are expected to be pursued against the mother, father and grandmother of a newborn boy reportedly found wrapped in a bag near a trash receptacle in Chicago this week.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 37-year-old Karla L. Antimo is expected to face a felony count of filing a false police report after police say she lied about finding the baby by chance and taking him to a nearby fire station.

She reportedly told officials that she heard crying and found the boy later revealed to be her own grandson.

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The baby’s parents — a 16-year-old mother and 17-year-old father not identified in initial media reports — are now facing charges in juvenile court, as reported by WLS.

Both teens face one count of attempted murder in the first degree and the mother will also face an additional count of filing a false police report.

After giving birth on Tuesday, the mother allegedly wrapped the baby in a towel and abandoned him on the garbage can. The father — Antimo’s son — allegedly put him inside a bag before reporting the situation to his mother.

In court on Friday for a bond hearing, attorneys for the newborn boy’s mother described her as a star pupil with no record of misbehavior. A judge granted her parents permission to take her back home following the court appearance.

Attorney Rajeev Bajaj said he believes the attempted murder charge is unwarranted.

“When the facts come out and you hear both sides of the story I think it’s going to show that it’s a very harsh charge,” he said.

The teen reportedly claimed to have had a miscarriage when she showed up at an area hospital shortly after giving birth.

As for the baby, he was reportedly taken to the hospital in critical condition and later transferred to a children’s hospital after his condition improved.

[Featured image: Karla L. Antimo, Police Handout]