Man holds new girlfriend against her will in sex dungeon filled with torture devices, cops say

Authorities in Arizona say a man has been arrested on suspicion of holding a woman in a torturous “dungeon” dedicated to his violent sexual proclivities.

According to AZ Family, 48-year-old Jason Monroe Smith is expected to face felony criminal charges including kidnapping and aggravated assault.

The alleged victim is identified as the suspect’s girlfriend, though Scottsdale police say she was held captive against her will while she was “assaulted with a bullwhip and other torture devices” by Smith.

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She reportedly told authorities that the sex dungeon “encompassed the main living area of his home” and featured “various apparatus meant to torture and control individuals such as a ‘guillotine’/medieval stocks, metal rack, chains, whips, other blunt weapons, hoist with chains, a large cage with a portable plastic toilet.”

Investigators say the two met through a dating app earlier this year and began dating after a brief online courtship.

A police report shows the alleged victim told police as part of her criminal complaint that she knew Smith was “interested in an alternative lifestyle” when they began dating.

She described it as “’50 Shades of Grey’ with a twist,” but was not immediately concerned for her safety and moved in with him.

Shortly thereafter, she alleged that he presented her with a “contract” stipulating “things she would allow him to do to her in return for living at his home.”

The language therein allegedly stated that she “would refer to herself as ‘the slave’ and he would be ‘master.'”

After initially resisting, she said she ultimately signed instead of being evicted, police reports show.

In addition to contractually obligated indignities like sleeping in a cage, the woman reportedly told investigators that Smith would beat, handcuff and disrobe her, going as far as making her wear a shock collar and dragging her through the residence by her hair.

The restraints were allegedly tight enough to break her wrist and police believe she was whipped and shocked dozens of times.

After attempting to end a violent episode with a mutually agreed-upon safe word, Smith allegedly disregarded it along with her “screaming and crying.”

Police believe the abuse spanned months as she believed she “had nowhere else to go” until she left earlier this month and filed her claims with police.

Smith was locked up with bond set at $250,000, according to KSAZ. A judge also ordered that he not return to the location where his alleged criminal acts took place.

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[Featured image: Jason Monroe Smith, handout]