New details: Boyfriend cooperates with feds, reveals cop’s twisted plot to kill her ex and a 14-year-old girl, prosecutors say

A New York police officer could reportedly face a 10-year prison sentence if convicted of the murder-for-hire plot she is accused of hatching earlier this year.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, police believe 34-year-old Valerie Cincinelli was arrested on suspicion of trying to hire a hitman to kill her estranged husband and the daughter of her boyfriend at the time.

According to the New York Post, it was through the very same boyfriend that she attempted to find and pay a killer to carry out the two homicides. Investigators say she pulled $7,000 out of the bank and gave it to her boyfriend as a payment for the deadly deeds.

He apparently thought better of her murderous plot, though, and went to the authorities.

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An undercover sting reportedly resulted in her believing her ex had been killed, including staged photos she took as evidence of his dead body.

New evidence emerged in the case since her arrest on Friday.

The unnamed boyfriend-turned-witness was aiding the FBI by allowing agents to tap his phone calls with Cincinelli and wearing a wire during face-to-face conversations.

U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue said the “evidence in this case is overwhelming” and shows the suspect’s deliberate planning of the crimes.

Court records allege that the suspect displayed “fake tears” when told her husband was dead and soon began plotting an alibi with her boyfriend.

One recording allegedly reveals Cincinelli recommending that the killer stage a random killing in “the hood” or “the ghetto” instead of at his workplace in hopes that it would reduce suspicion.

She also allegedly shared some cold-blooded advice when discussing with her boyfriend the murder of his teen daughter.

“Run her the f*** over, how about that,” she allegedly said when he told her that the hitman did not want to kill the 14-year-old
near a school.

When her boyfriend told her that the killings were scheduled for a weekend earlier this month, Cincinelli allegedly told him to approve his daughter’s murder that weekend but to “wait a week or a month” before killing her ex.

She even broached the idea of cutting out the hitman altogether, asking her boyfriend why he did not simply commit the homicides.

The mother of two reportedly joined the New York Police Department in 2007 and was placed on modified duty a decade later based on allegations of an unrelated domestic incident.

It was unclear what her motive was for killing her husband, who reportedly filed last year for a divorce set to go to court next month. Prosecutors say she tracked her new boyfriend’s daughter via social media and, according to one source, wanted her dead because “she was getting in the way.”

Through an attorney, Cincinelli’s estranged husband — identified as Isaiah Carvalho Jr. — said he was “extremely grateful for the diligent effort of law enforcement” for exposing the plot.

The suspect’s father, however, says he doesn’t believe the allegation that she wanted to kill her ex.

“They were married, they have a kid together,” he said, calling the charge “nonsense.”

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[Featured image: Valerie Cincinelli and Isaiah Carvalho Jr., Twitter]