CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Middle-school students allegedly serve teachers crepes filled with urine, semen

A middle school cooking contest turned foul this week after several students allegedly contaminated crepes with bodily fluids — and served them to teachers.

According to WBNS, the alleged incident took place on Thursday during a cooking competition in a “Global Gourmet” class at Hyatts Middle School in Powell, Ohio.

Students participating in the contest allegedly put semen and urine into crepes they made for the competition, and served them to teachers who was acting as judges.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office told the news station that a video the captured students contaminating the food had circulated at the school on Thursday, and school administrators reportedly contacted police after they became aware of it.

Though no charges have yet been filed, at least one of the students has obtained an attorney, and that lawyer claimed in an interview with WBNS that it is to soon to conclude that the food was in fact contaminated with body fluids. The attorney said the incident “easily could have been a prank that may have been mocked up for the purposes of creating a video.”

If the allegations are true, the students could face charges of felony assault.

The sheriff’s office is currently investigating.

[Feature image: RitaE from Pixabay]