Cops search for suspect who shoved ‘lifeless’ 13-year-old girl out of car door at emergency room entrance: Reports

A Massachusetts teen is reportedly dead after she was left at a hospital late Monday afternoon. Police say they have little initial information to go on.

According to WFXT, 13-year-old Chloe Ricard was reportedly pronounced dead a short time after someone brought her to the Lawrence General Hospital emergency room a few minutes before 5 p.m. and left her there.

Her stepfather spoke to reporters at the Boston news station, recalling that police officers told him the Amesbury girl was “lifeless” with “no pulse” when hospital staff encountered her.

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“She didn’t even have a pulse when they pushed her out of the car,” Brian Dolan said.

As the New York Post reported, he identified the individual believed to have dropped his stepdaughter off at the hospital as “someone 47 years old,” adding that he hopes “there’s hell to pay because they threw her out of the car like a bag of trash.”

Ricard’s mother is demanding justice as local authorities say they are investigating the girl’s death. Deborah Goldsmith-Dolan said her daughter was staying with a friend the night before her death.

“I’m in shock and I can’t believe I’m telling this story,” the mother said.

Goldsmith-Dolan claimed she was “sitting at the police station” when one of the girls her daughter had been with told her “she is safe and someone dropped her off” — an assurance that turned out to be false.

“No matter what the story is, she is dead,” the mother said, recounting the horror of having to identify her daughter’s body.

As of the latest updates available, a cause of death had not been released by the Medical Examiner’s Officer following an autopsy set for Tuesday. There had been no arrests as local and state police continued to conduct an investigation in coordination with the Essex County District Attorney’s Office.

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[Featured image: Chloe Ricard, handout]