SHOCKWAVES through gentrified neighborhood: Nazi hate SWASTIKA painted in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

A Nazi swastika with the words “No Jews” spray painted above it in blue was found on a wall in a New York park on Saturday, and a woman who noticed the disgusting message wants people in her community to take action against hate-filled messages.

New York Daily News reports that 32-year-old Shoshana Dornhelm discovered the graffiti on Saturday afternoon while walking through Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The graffiti was painted on a brick wall by Center Drive, under the bridge overpass. Dornhelm immediately called 311.

“[I’m] really upset, because of the act itself and because it feels so normalized now,” Dornhelm told the outlet.

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However, Dornhelm said she was happy with response of the city. The hate message had been completely removed by the following day.

Dornhelm said a group of people walking in front of her saw the graffiti but kept walking. It’s something she found upsetting and hopes that more people will “speak up” when they see disturbing hate messages.

“It’s upsetting. People who witness injustices need to speak up.”

Update: this was removed. Thank you 78th precinct for your quick response. Instafam, PLEASE share and put pressure on …

Posted by Shoshana Dornhelm on Saturday, May 25, 2019


Dornhelm took to Facebook to help spread the word about fighting hate. She hopes that her message is seen as a positive influence that helps people get more involved.

“Hopefully if we collectively show that this sh** is unacceptable in our city for ANY amount of time, they will address it sooner……Whether we love each other or don’t talk at all, I humbly ask you to take action and share this, tag everyone you know, call 311 and file a complaint, call into news outlets, and wield any power you have in your possession to to get this sh** taken care of.”

NYPD is currently investigating the incident.

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[Feature Photo provided by Shoshana Dornhelm/Facebook]