Undocumented suspect gets 11-year-old ‘girlfriend’ pregnant. He now wants to leave the country [Police]

A Guatemalan citizen living in Arizona pleaded with a judge to deport him after his arrest for allegedly getting an 11-year-old girl pregnant.

FOX 10 reports that Carlos Cobos-Pérez, 20, appeared in a Phoenix court last week for charges of aggravated assault and sexual conduct with a minor. Cobos-Pérez is accused of having an ongoing, inappropriate relationship with a young girl who he met in 2018.

According to a police report in connection to the incident, Cobos-Pérez admitted that “knows he could go the jail for having a relationship” but “he does not care if he goes to jail.”

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It seems as if the suspect may have changed his mind. During the hearing, Cobos-Pérez asked to sign off on a voluntary deportation back to his home country.

“If I want to sign my order of deportation, am I allowed to do so or no?,” the suspect asked.

“That’s not something that this court does,” the judge replied.

Cobos-Pérez reportedly called the little girl his “girlfriend” and convinced the child that they were in love. He had sex with her in his car, near the girl’s elementary school, according to police. When he found out he got her pregnant, he allegedly cried to a 16-year-old who said she was friends with both the suspect and the victim.

“She really loved him with all her heart, but her parents would not let her see him,” the 16-year-old said. “He called me last Friday crying, telling me he got his girlfriend pregnant and I didn’t believe it.”

The girl’s mother told Univision that she’s decided that her young daughter will keep the baby. The heartbroken mother also said she hopes the suspect is forced to stay in the country and face justice.

“I have no other choice but to support the child … She will have the baby,” the girl’s mother said. “Instead of her enjoying her childhood, she is going to move on to another stage instead of being a child.”

AZFamily reports that the girl’s stepfather is upset at how the investigation was handled. The stepfather said that authorities initially seemed more interested in Cobos-Pérez bring in the country illegally than about the young girl.

Police didn’t arrest the suspect after the first interview in 2018, even though he reportedly admitted to a relationship with the victim. When AZFamily reached out to the Phoenix Police Department for clarification, the department released a statement indicating the matter couldn’t discussed.

“This matter is now the subject of an administrative inquiry, meaning it is under internal investigation. We are unable to provide more until it has been resolved.”

Cobos-Pérez remains behind bars on a $150,000 cash-only bond. He scheduled to appear at his next hearing on May 28.

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[Feature Photo: Pixabay]