Friday CRIME STORIES: Hollywood superstar Ashton Kutcher fingerprints at murder scene

A “thrill-kill” serial killer stalks women in Hollywood. Ashley Ellerin was dating TV star, Ashton Kutcher, when she was brutally stabbed to death in her own home.

Kutcher took the stand to weigh in on his role in the investigation. Was he a suspect?


At least 28 people killed in a Atlanta over a two year period. Known as the Atlanta Child Murders, no one has been brought to justice. Police renew the investigation into this disturbing case.

Nancy’s expert panel weighs in:

Marjorie Hernandez: Justice Editor at US Weekly and Radar Online

Vincent Hill: Private Investigator

Ashley Wilcott: Judge and Trial attorney

Dr. Ryan Fuller: Clinical Psychologist

Dr. William Morrone: Deputy Medical Examiner in Bay County Michigan

Joseph Scott Morgan: Forensics expert

Dr. Caryn Stark: Psychologist

Leigh Egan: Investigative Reporter

[Feature Photo via AP/Frederick M. Brown/Pool]