‘My daughter is missing’: Police release 911 call that launched Elizabeth Shelley missing persons investigation — and ended with a horrifying discovery [AUDIO]

Authorities in Utah have released the 911 call placed from the home of Elizabeth Shelley on Saturday morning, when her mother woke to find the 5-year-old girl missing; and the door of their Logan home left wide open.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Elizabeth Shelley vanished from her home sometime in the early hours of Saturday morning. Four days later, investigators found human remains less than a block from her home. Earlier that same day, police announced murder charges against Elizabeth’s uncle Alex Whipple. Through his lawyer, he led investigators to the remains, an agreement that will reportedly spare him the death penalty.

On Friday, the Salt Lake Tribune reported that police have positively identified the body found this week as Elizabeth Shelley.

Fox 13 News obtained a recording of the 911 call placed by a man who identified himself as Elizabeth’s father, and her mother’s husband. Earlier reports had said that Detrich Black was Elizabeth’s mother Jessica Whipple’s live-in boyfriend. Later in the call, after the dispatcher asks Black if there were any concerns about a custody dispute, Black tells her that he hasn’t seen or heard from Elizabeth’s biological father for years.

“My daughter is missing,” Black says, later adding that the door to the home was found open that morning and that Alex Whipple was also gone.

During the 911 call, Black appears to discover that Whipple had left his phone and his skateboard behind at the home. Black says that he called police after he had searched the home and the yard for Elizabeth.

Alex Whipple was apprehended later Saturday afternoon, but was reportedly uncooperative under police questioning, and did not confirm his involvement in Elizabeth’s disappearance and death until he was charged with her murder.

Whipple has been charged with child kidnapping, aggravated murder, abuse or desecration of a human body, and obstructing justice.

Authorities have not yet confirmed the cause of death or a possible motive for the killing, but revealed in a press conference this week that they had recovered a bloodied, broken knife that matched the description of a knife missing from Elizabeth’s home.