Mom of three dies after she’s pulled into Lake Tahoe waterfall

A 35-year-old woman died late last week after she was slipped and fell into a waterfall at Lake Tahoe.

The New York Post reports that Dina Stephanie Espinosa — who appears to have gone by the name Stephanie — was pulled into a rapid current after she slipped while sitting in a pool of water near Eagle Falls.

According to a statement from the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook, Espinosa had been reaching for a branch when she slipped and was pulled into the waterfall.

Her body was later recovered following a search and rescue effort.

As CBS 13 reports, an earlier report about the tragic accident from the North Tahoe Fire Protection District indicated that Espinosa may have been taking a photo when she slipped, but that no longer appears to be the case.

“Stephanie didn’t even have her phone on her when she fell,” her brother, Nick Martinez, told the news station.

“She was trying to enjoy the moment which is something she was a big advocate of.”

According to a GoFundMe page established in order to help her grieving family raise money for memorial costs, Espinosa left behind three children and six siblings.

“When I go back to my furthest memory in life, it’s with her. She is my older sister but has been more of a mother to me,” Martinez told CBS 13.

“The whole reason why I”m doing this with you guys is to clear up the articles, they were really disturbing. It really made Stephanie sound like she was a young girl who was just trying to take a selfie and fell off a cliff.”


[Feature image: Dina Stephanie Espinosa/GoFundMe]