Teacher, mom of 3, dead after swallowing bag of cocaine before boarding international flight: Reports

Authorities in the United Kingdom say a woman died at an airport after swallowing a bag containing the cocaine she had left over from her trip.

According to Fox News, indicate 42-year-old Victoria Buchanan — a British-born teacher living in the United Arab Emirates — was waiting to board a first-class flight back home to Dubai.

She allegedly had about $75 worth of cocaine remaining from the $250 she spent on the narcotic during her trip. The mother of three was reportedly in the country with her family.

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In an alleged attempt to transport the drugs back home, reports show Buchanan swallowed a baggie containing the cocaine. She ingested the contraband along with a glass of champagne while at a Manchester Airport lounge.

A short time later, reports indicate the passenger began seizing in response to the bag opening inside her stomach.

Mistaking the reaction as an allergic reaction, onlookers reportedly injected her with an EpiPen. She was pronounced dead soon after arriving at Wythenshawe Hospital. Medical staff reportedly discovered the cause upon recovering the bag of drugs from her body during a postmortem examination.

“We were aware she would take small amounts of cocaine occasionally and it was something we did together,” said her husband, Mark, as reported by the New York Post. “I had left the U.K. a few days before, not a lot was left, not that that matters now.”

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[Featured image: Victoria Buchanan, Facebook]