Tuesday CRIME STORIES: 16 gunshots caught on secret tapes kept hidden. The Laquan McDonald story

Chicago officer, Jason Van Dyke, fires 16 shots at teenager and robbery suspect Laquan McDonald, killing him in the streets of Chicago. Can an officer on duty be charged with murder? Nancy has the details on the shooting, the video that emerged, and the latest in the case.


Aspiring Hollywood star, 25-year-old Adea Shabani, leaves her apartment never to be seen alive again. Her body is discovered a month later, hundreds of miles from home. The main suspect is her boyfriend, Christopher Spotz.

Nancy’s expert panel weighs in:

Kenya Johnson: Atlanta Prosecutor

Dr. Patricia Saunders: Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Kris Sperry: Retired Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Georgia

David Mack: Syndicated Radio Host

Dr. William Morrone: Deputy Medical Examiner in Bay County Michigan

Ashley Willcott: Juvenile Court Judge & Trial Attorney

Joseph Scott Morgan: Forensics Expert

Dr. Caryn Stark: Psychologist

Leigh Egan: Crimeonline.com Investigative Reporter

[Feature Photo: Laquan McDonald/Handout]