Young, healthy parents of toddler boy both die of mysterious, violent illness on dream vacation

The family of the Texas couple is demanding answers after the healthy couple’s health deteriorated rapidly, just after arriving to the island paradise

A young, fit husband and wife from Texas both died while on their eagerly anticipated vacation to Fiji.

WFAA reports that David and Michelle Paul of Forth Worth died days after they both sought medical attention for symptoms that developed on their long-planned trip to the South Pacific paradise. 

According to the report, the couple has a 2-year-old son and was also helping to raise David’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Michelle Paul’s father Mark Calanag told ABC News that he heard from his daughter shortly after she and her husband arrived in Fiji on May 21.

“They were experiencing vomiting, both of them, and diarrhea,” Calanag said. “And then the last text I got from my daughter was that her hands were numb.”

Canalag told the news station that both David and Michelle were fine before they left for their vacation, and that he now believes that his daughter’s numb fingers may have been the result of severe dehydration.

Canalag also said that David and Michelle went to a hospital, and that David was released and went back to his hotel. His symptoms continued, and he went to a second hospital, at which point his condition deteriorated rapidly.

According to the report, Michelle Paul died on May 25 and David Paul died soon after.

WFAA reports that a U.S. Department of State official confirmed the deaths, and said that the department was monitoring the death investigations in Fiji. But Michelle’s father said he wants the U.S., and particularly the CDC, to become more involved in the investigation, as authorities in Fiji have indicated Michelle and David may have contracted a flu or some type of infectious disease.

According to multiple reports, the family appears to be concerned that the bodies may be cremated in Fiji as a safety precaution if the couple was found to have died of a communicable disease.

“I gave them instruction not to do any cremation until I’m satisfied … because I would like the whole world to know if they died of infectious diseases,” Calanag told ABC News. “The CDC can confirm that and tell Americans and other people that these are the issues you’re going to face if you have to travel to Fiji. Be aware.”

Canalag also told the news station that he was told by the U.S. Embassy in Fiji that autopsies have been completed, but that he is still awaiting the results.

This is a developing story. CrimeOnline will provide further updates when more information is available.