Woman who claimed a hotel worker brutally attacked her asked the resort for over 2 million before going public, hotel says

The woman who recently went public about an alleged assault that took place at a hotel in the Dominican Republic had earlier asked for millions in damages, according to a statement from the hotel.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Tammy Lawrence-Daley has said she was brutally assaulted, beaten, and strangled to the point of unconsciousness in January during a stay at the Majestic Elegance resort in Punta Cana. The 51-year-old Delaware woman said in a Facebook post that has since gone viral that she was unable to get a good look at her assailant but was sure he had been wearing a hotel staff uniform.

As reported by the New York Post, the Majestic Elegance resort posted a statement to Twitter on Wednesday suggesting that Lawrence-Daley’s decision to come forward was financially motivated and denied reported claims made by Lawrence-Daley and her husband that the hotel did not properly respond to reports that the woman had vanished after leaving her hotel room to get a snack. Earlier this week, Dominican Public police indicated there may have been some inconsistencies in the story of the alleged assault, but the hotel does not appear to be challenging the tourist’s narrative of being attacked.

According to the Majestic Elegance hotel’s statement, Lawrence-Daley “formally demanded a $2.2 million compensation agreement” and only came forward months after the incident when she was unable to seek financial damages.

In a Facebook post about the incident that has since gone viral, Lawrence-Daley did not deny that she had sought any financial damages from the hotel; in fact, she says in the post that she has been facing medical expenses and that Majestic Elegance claimed no responsibility for the alleged attack because she could not identify her assailant.

The hotel reportedly provided a timeline of the incident in the statement.

“According to her testimony, she was intercepted by a stranger shortly after 11 o’clock at night, but Mr. Daley reported her disappearance at 2:30 in the morning, and in a few minutes, a search operation began all throughout the property,” the statement read.

“She was found at 6:40 in the morning at a restricted area of the hotel. She showed bruises on her face and had a broken fingernail, without presenting any other signs of violence on her body, and still being in possession of her purse, cell phone, and other belongings.”

According to the report, the hotel’s statement also notes that staff provided Lawrence-Daley with special accommodations as she was recovering, including a complimentary offer to extend her and her husband’s stay.

[Feature image: Tammy Lawrence-Daley/Facebook]