Thursday CRIME Stories: LIVE FROM CRIME CON: 2 girls murdered at local Delphi bridge, families search for answers

Teen best friends, Abby Williams and Libby German killed while out walking trails in broad daylight in Delphi, Indiana. One of the girls snaps a cell phone photo of the suspect, who has never been caught. Two years later, the families are still searching for answers in this mystery which has gripped the nation.

The girls’ grandparents, Mike Patty and Eric Erskin, discuss the latest breaking clues in the case

Distinguished Scholar of Applied Forensics at Jacksonville State University, Joe Scott Morgan, Investigative Reporter, Leigh Egan, and Atlanta judge Ashley Willcott also join the panel.

Nancy takes questions from a live audience!

Visit the official “Abby & Libby Memorial Park” site for more information about the girls’ memorial and details on how you can help.

Visit the Indiana State Police official Delphi Homicide Investigation site for additional information on the case and more details on the suspect.

[Feature Photo: Police Handout]