Wife of Mackenzie Lueck murder suspect went into hiding after he cut her with a knife, was too afraid to have sex with him: Report

The suspect in the presumed murder of University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck is still legally married to a woman who so feared him that she went into hiding.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Tenisha Jenkins Ajayi said she married Ayoola Ajayi in 2011, but has not seen him in years although they are not legally divorced.

The mother-of-four claimed that the murder suspect became aggressive and threatening during their marriage, and that they never consummated the relationship, saying that she was too afraid of him. Within a year, Tenisha said he was pressuring her to move with her four children from Texas to Utah, and allegedly became violent when she resisted.

“AJ told me he was going back to his hometown in Utah and I didn’t want to go with him. That made him angry but I have kids, I couldn’t just leave Dallas,” Tenisha told the Daily Mail.

“He was telling me not to talk to anybody. He used to check up on me. He started to get more and more aggressive. Eventually he said he would kill me if I didn’t go to Utah.”

Then, a frightening incident at a friend’s house prompted Tenisha to flee the relationship.

“He tried to tie me up with a phone chord,” she claimed.  “When I went to run he blocked the door. I ended up jumping through a window and cutting my arm on the glass.”

“He chased me into the street with a knife and and cut me in the hand. I didn’t go to the police but I moved out of my apartment so he couldn’t find me.

“I kept telling him I don’t want to be with you, I want a divorce. He wouldn’t sign the papers. His friend from the Army kept calling me, saying they were going to kidnap me.”

Tenisha also claimed that Ayoola had a drinking problem during their marriage, and became violent when he was under the influence. Still, she was surprised to learn that he allegedly killed the 23-year-old student this month.

“I knew he was dangerous but not this dangerous. I feel like he had to be on drugs, maybe PCP or something,” she told the news outlet.

Ayoola is facing multiple charges related to Lueck’s presumed murder. He was arrested this past week after detectives reportedly found evidence of human remains that had been burned in his yard in Salt Lake City.

Authorities have not yet disclosed how they believe Lueck was killed.