‘Perc got her knocked out bro’: Florida teen drugs girl & rapes her, brags about it on social media. She’s now in a coma [Police]

**Warning**: Graphic Content

A 15-year-old girl remains in a coma, a little over a week after after police say another teen drugged and raped her while recording the incident.

Herald-Mail Media reports that 18-year-old Jorge Martinez reportedly showed up to the teen girl’s house party with friends in Miramar last Monday night. The girl, whose name is withheld due to her age and the nature of the crime, had never met Martinez before.

“The girl shared on social media with a closed group of friends that she was having a party Monday night at her house, when her mother and other adults were present,” Miramar police spokeswoman Tania Rues said. “Unfortunately it got out of hand and was shared by other people on social media.”

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At around 1 a.m., the girl’s party was over. She then reportedly left with a a few friends and went to Martinez’s home in Miramar.

According to a Miramar police report, witnesses told authorities that while at his home, Martinez drugged the girl with Percocet, a pain narcotic that can cause respiratory illness and even death. Martinez then raped the girl and proceeded to post naked photos of her on Instagram while bragging about it, according to police.

Last Tuesday, the victim’s friends saw the Instagram video Martineze reportedly posted. The girl was face down and naked on a couch, while Martinez explained she wasn’t asleep while he had sex with her. He added that “the perc got her knocked out bro,” according to the police report.

Witnesses told investigators they saw another video Martinez allegedly posted to Instagram, where the victim, still naked, was lying face up but still unconscious, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Friends began looking for the girl and eventually found her at Martinez’s home.

The victim was found unconscious with blue lips, according to what her friends told police. The girl’s friends began CPR on her as they rushed her to the Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah. Martinez reportedly rode to the hospital with the victim’s friends.

While at the hospital, the victim’s friends got into a physical altercation with Martinez, according to Rues. Officers arrived to the scene and after hearing claims of abuse, began investigating. After obtaining a search warrant for Martinez’s phone, authorities arrested him Wednesday and charged him with sexual assault of a minor and obscene communication, among other related charges.

Meanwhile, the victim was flown to Miami’s Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, where she’s listed in critical condition.

“At this point we do not know if she’s gonna make it or not,” Miramar Police Detective Mark Moretti said during the initial court hearing for Martinez.

Moretti explained to a Broward County judge that the victim was deprived of oxygen for around 28 minutes, which caused internal bleeding and organ failure. He said that if her friends had taken her to a closer hospital, the victim may have had a better chance of survival.

“The defendant and other associates could have taken her to a hospital much closer, minutes away. They chose to take her to a hospital an hour away in rush hour traffic into Dade County, which probably contributed to her accelerated status.”

Martinez is behind bars on a $550,000 bond.

Anyone with any information about the alleged assault is urged to call Miramar Police at 954-602-4000.

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[Feature Photo: Jorge Martinez/Police Handout]