Wednesday CRIME Stories: Gorgeous Maura Binkley gunned down in ‘HOT YOGA CLASS’ by INCEL perv

Two shot and killed, four wounded, one pistol whipped… all at the hands of a self proclaimed “incel.” Today, Nancy Grace and her guests take a deep look at the subculture of “involuntary celibate” and its link to an increase in assaults on women.

Our focus is a gunman’s brutal attack on a Florida hot yoga studio. Joining our panel, Jeff Binkley, founder of Maura’s Voice. His daughter Maura was one of those killed. Also with us: Washington Post Opinion Columnist Christine Emba, Prosecutor Wendy Patrick, Former NYPD John Cardillo, and Psychoanalyst Dr. Bethany Marshall.

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[Feature Photo: Maura Binkley/Handout]