Woman becomes severely ill, cannot move legs after visiting same Dominican Republic resort where a couple was found mysteriously dead

An Indiana woman said she became so ill during a vacation in the Dominican Republic that she was unable to move her legs.

Kristie Dilly told WTHR that she, her husband and another couple were enjoying their stay at a Bahia Principe Resort in February until the seventh day of the vacation, when Kristie became suddenly ill.

“Once day seven hit, I became very ill. Knowing I was leaving the next morning gave me a lot of comfort,” Dilly told the news station.

But her symptoms worsened as she was flying home.

“Sweating profusely, every joint and muscle in my body was aching from my toes to my forehead, I was trembling, I couldn’t swallow,” Dilly said. “I couldn’t move my legs, even out of the way for stewardesses to get through. I mean, I was just so ill.”

Dilly went to the hospital upon her return, and while doctors could not determine what was wrong, they determined that she had kidney damage that will require treatment for the rest of her life.

Since then, three more American tourists have died at a Baha Principe property, including an engaged couple who were both found dead in their room on the day they were scheduled to fly home. The FBI is reportedly working with Dominican Republic authorities to test blood samples of the deceased man and woman.