Beloved son Mike Williams goes duck hunting and is never seen again: Did gators drag him to the bottom of Lake Seminole?


A young, handsome Florida dad and loving son heads out onto the dark waters of Lake Seminole to fish before celebrating his wedding anniversary, everything seems “normal,” but that innocent hunting trip started a devastating chain of events. That evening, Mike Williams and wife Denise were heading for a weekend getaway to celebrate their wedding anniversary and hopefully, start working on a baby brother for their little girl, Ainsley.

That was not meant to be.

When Mike didn’t come home, wife Denise raises the alarm and soon, Lake Seminole was swarmed with ATV’s, helicopters, canines cops and volunteer searchers. it was al to no avail. When cops and experts alike determined that alligators living deep in the cold, dark waters of Lake Seminole were responsible for Mike’s disappearance, his family was devastated.

A Mother’s Love

But one person didn’t believe Mike was killed by gators, his mom, Cheryl. Facing off with cops, investigators, detectives, public opinion and even the state governor, Mike’s mom wouldn’t give up, literally taking to the streets begging for help. one person agrees with Mike’s mom, Nancy Grace.

Nancy Grace takes a closer look at the Mike Williams case in the second episode of the all-new hit series “Injustice with Nancy Grace,” airing Saturday at 6 P.M. ET on Oxygen. Mike and his family endured great injustice and heartbreak for many years. It’s a case that weighs heavily on Grace’s heart.

Grace : “It Doesn’t Make Sense…”

“I’ve been to Lake Seminole many, many times,” Grace said. “Dark, dark waters…if you look out on it, it’s very eerie looking. Even in the daytime, when you drive by and look out, it’s vast. You can’t even see the other side to it at some points. And the water looks black, even the daytime.”

Grace investigates Lake Seminole, the spot where Mike goes missing, the route he would have taken, even The Gibson Inn where the couple planned their romantic giveaway. Was it somehow linked?

“I don’t know how anybody boats on it, or hunts on it or fishes on it with all those stumps. And what’s under the water is scarier. There are gators there…This young dad, Mike Williams, goes out duck hunting early morning. He promises to come back because very important, it’s his anniversary! He and his wife already have one baby girl and they want to add to their family.”

Grace, a mom herself, is struck by mom Cheryl’s pain and her search for answers, the thought that in the space of one “normal” morning, you never see your son again? He’s just “gone?”

“This is a case that needs a spotlight,” Grace explained. “This case stands for so much. The injustice heaped on Mike Williams and his family….I can’t get it out my mind.”

What happened to a loving son, husband and new dad, Mike Williams? Join the investigation and find out why injustice is ongoing in the Mike Williams investigation. “Injustice with Nancy Grace,” airs Saturday at 6 P.M. ET, only on Oxygen, the true network for crime.