‘I heard screams in the night’: Neighbor recalls hearing terror the night Savannah Spurlock walked into suspect’s home

Neighbors of the man arrested in connection with Kentucky mom Savannah Spurlock’s death, reportedly heard screams the night the slain woman walked into the suspect’s home.

According to DailyMail, neighbors of 23-year-old murder suspect David Sparks didn’t want their names revealed as they recalled the night Spurlock, a mother of four, arrived at Sparks’ rural home in Garrard County on January 5.

One neighbor said she feared someone was in trouble at Sparks’ home, but she couldn’t wake her husband to help her, who had been drinking that night.

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“I heard screams in the night. I thought at first it was the kids next door but then I knew it wasn’t….I tried to wake my husband but he was mostly too drunk. I got up and I listened and I know they were coming from that house.”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Spurlock’s remains were discovered buried behind Sparks’ parents’ Garrard County house earlier this month, in a 19-inch grave. After six months of exhaustive searches, authorities received a tip from Sparks’ father, who said he noticed a foul odor emanating from behind his house.

Authorities found Spurlock naked, bound up with duct tape, and doubled over inside several garbage bags. Her cause of death is still pending.

David Sparks [Police Handout]
Sparks is currently charged with of abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence. He initially told authorities that he fell asleep the night Spurlock vanished. He claimed the woman was gone when he woke up.

Another neighbor said two other men were with Sparks when they returned to his home, along with a reported inebriated Spurlock. The neighbor told the outlet that the two other men “took advantage” of Spurlock then left the home, leaving her alone with Sparks.

“Sparks is the sort of guy that if you don’t do what he wants he gets mad, he loses it. They all took advantage of a drunk girl that night and then the other two left her alone with Sparks.”

The same neighbor also reportedly claimed that the men recorded the incident on their cellphone, then showed the video to people at work.

“They took cell phone video of her. The guys were showing it around at work. She was so drunk she couldn’t speak, it was like she couldn’t speak English.”

Spurlock was spotted on the night she disappeared at The Other Bar in Lexington, off of South Limestone. According to Assistant Police Chief Rodney Richardson of Richmond PD, Spurlock left the bar with three men she didn’t know and ended up at Sparks’ Garrard County home.

Further, according to DailyMail, possible home security footage exists that showed Spurlock walking into the home, yet never walking out. Police have not confirmed whether such video actually exists.

Another neighbor reportedly said Sparks starting moving furniture and items out of his home after Spurlock’s disappearance. He eventually moved back home with his parents.

“Sparks was in and out of that house taking things out, furniture, rugs…There was a lot of activity at that house before the cops ever came,” the neighbor said.

Spurlock was laid to rest on Wednesday at a private memorial in Richmond, surrounded by friends and family.

Meanwhile, the investigation is ongoing. So far, Sparks remains the only person arrested in connection with the case.

Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

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[Feature Photo: Savannah Spurlock/Facebook]